Alexander Dawson introduce a bona fide Tenant into your vacant property on a 12 months lease or licence, agreement with Landlord's right to terminate the tenancy upon 24 hours notice. The tenant company will be a bona fide trading business and one that is wholly unconnected to the Landlord. The tenant will be responsible for the payment of all business rates for the period of the tenancy.

The Tenant

Tenants are found through our many contacts within, retail, storage and distribution, insurance and service industries. Special arrangements can be made, clauses can be written into the lease/license, should the property be a new build or recently refurbished. The Landlord or their managing letting agents are permitted full admittance to the premises at all times. FOR SALE or TO LET marketing information may continue to be displayed, as required.

The Tenant's Responsibility

Whilst in occupation the Tenant is responsible for the following; all business rates any internal maintenance and keep the property in accordance with the original condition. The cost of any services used, electricity, gas, water, etc. Tenant's contents insurance.

The Landlord's Responsibility

The Landlord will pay for the following during the period of occupation; The building's insurance. External repairs to the property Alexander Dawson guarantees that on termination of any lease agreement, the tenant will vacate the relevant premises and ensure that the property is returned in the original condition as at start of tenancy.

Our costs

We charge no upfront fees for our work and our charges will be a maximum 20% of the current empty property rates payable.